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Married to the Mouse

My life in costume

October 1st, 2008

perfect :) @ 12:12 pm

Short version: Best birthday ever

Long version: Don't have time right now!!, but a list of things to expand on later
-Spending the day in epcot - Test Track x2, Mexico, F&W, Soarin, all the birthday wishes from my button!
-Dinner at China - amazing waiter, 12 minutes for food, birthday cake and candle!!, birthday card!
-Halloween party!! - SO PERFECT. saw my dear friends snow white, gepetto, eeyore, pooh bear, captain hook, and saw wesley dancing in the parade! fireworks were awesome, saw the parade twice, villains show was hilarious, knew a ton of attendants and people around, alice in wonderland treat trail, guy singing happy birthday to me, headless horseman, and actually got to see mickey and minnie!!

I can't believe how perfect my day was. I'm headed back to Poly then spending the day at DHS today, and seeing Fant tonight! My parents have NEVER seen it before so I cannot WAIT!

September 29th, 2008

YAY!! @ 11:52 pm

My parents are here, my parents are here!!!

And my birthday is in 8 minutes!

And I got to meet Sandy tonight! Sandy, I cannot BELIEVE you recognized me out of the huge crazy crowd in MK tonight! That was super impressive and awesome!

I'm at the Poly now with my parents, we went to MK EMH tonight, I'm gonna sit around and watch tv and we're going to Epcot tomorrow for my birthday! We're eating at China then going to the Halloween Party! SO EXCITED.

September 25th, 2008

know what time it is?/time for a victory dance!/a winner is me! @ 04:53 pm

(Subject taken from Kingdom of Loathing's Haiku dungeon!)

So last night I went with Wesley to the Magic Kingdom Blast Off! party, which was from 10p-12a. We were originally going to take the bus, but when we got to the bus stop and saw the 852 bus pull up and it was PACKED... we figured the car would be a better bet. Good thing, too - the line at the end of the night waiting for the bus was insane. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The party was specifically for College/Career Start/International kids who worked in Magic Kingdom, so the park was totally empty, it was insane! Of course, that meant Entertainment people got to go, because we're global and special. ^.^ We met up with Laura, Josh, Evan... lots of people as we got there, and we were amazed, strolling through ToonTown with the streets completely empty. So weird.

The party was in Tomorrowland only, and we waited in line for a while to check in, and I saw Hillary, Virginia, Brenna... god, like, everyone, I can't remember everybody. Basically all my entertainment people were there, because we're all poor and there was free food! We all went and got checked in, got stickers saying what department we were in (our Entertainment ones were white), and hung around in Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe, where they fed us hot dogs, soda, and ice cream! Delicious, especially since I hadn't eaten anything in a while, and even more tasty cause it was free!

Around 1015? they started up like the opening ceremonies, where they had a bunch of our managers come out in high school musical colored shirts and do little routines, and a few drummers played songs and we all cheered, it was great. Mickey and Minnie were there too! In HSM outfits!!! I WANT THEM. SO precious. After that, we were all herded out toward Space Mountain, where they were going to take a huge group picture of us. We all stayed at the back, though, because our big goal for the night was to ride Space - because they were going to have all the lights on!! Once they took that picture, there was a HUGE rush to the ride, and we, being wisely in the back, were some of the first ones on! I rode at the front and recorded the whole thing on video (check out my facebook, I uploaded it). It was AMAZING.

After that, we left through the arcade, but we were tempted by the fact that all the games in the arcade were on "Free Mode!" so we stayed and played some games! I did a motorcycle game with Wesley's friend Sara(h), it was fun, then we went back and did some DDR with Wesley! I didn't realize it at first, but I noticed some people filming us as we attempted to DDR (it was one of those with the arrows on the corners, instead of up/down like I'm used to), and we were laughing and just having a fabulous time.

After we finished the song, one of the people with the video camera guy was like, "So who won this game?" And since Sara(h) had left in the middle of the song and random chick hopped on to finish it, I was like "uh, I guess me? I mean, I finished the song..." and she was like "well come on over here!" So I walked over, and she told me that she was with the Magic Backstage program, and because I stuck it out and finished the song and was laughing the whole time, I just won a prize!! She handed me an envelope and told me I'd just won two movie tickets, two popcorns, and two drinks! I was like freaking out from being so excited - I never win random stuff like that!!

Wesley and I had JUST been saying in the car on the way over that we needed to get our HSM3 tickets, so I turned to him and I was like "Wesley!!! We are SO using this for HSM!!" and he goes "ohmygod, Molly, do I get to be your date??" and I go "of COURSE!!" and he's freaking out and we're both jumping up and down and laughing. And she's like "do you have anything yo uwant to say to the camera?" so I turned and said "I am so excited that I won these for not-dancing and I'm totally using them to go see High School Musical 3!" because I am a good little Disney minion, lol. So keep an eye out for me on the Housing The Magic channel on TV, they might put me on there!

After that, we went and got some free popcorn, then rode the Astro Orbiter!! Such a fun ride! We headed back to get s'more free food from Cosmic Ray's, and found out there was KARAOKE!! in there, so we hung around and tried to get our names on the list, but it was already 20 to 12 and the guy said there wasn't enough time for us. :( So we stayed and danced, we saw some other Entertainment girl totally ROCK "Baby Got Back" all alone, and when the DJ got to some guy who wasn't there anymore, he was like "what song did you guys want to sing?" Of course we picked Wanna Be by the Spice Girls, so he let us go up and sing the last song of the night!! There was a photopass guy there and he took some pictures of us, too. :)

Came home, fell asleep at like 1 and slept til 1 - I really have been catching up on sleep lately from all my stupid breakfast shifts! SO awesome. Today, I uploaded pictures to facebook (since I hadn't done it in AGES) and am watching XF with Adrian, then Office and Ugly Betty season premieres tonight!!


September 10th, 2008

THE HELL @ 12:44 pm


I will answer that writer's block question later. I cannot believe it just killed it. So sad!

Notes for later, when I actually get around to rewriting it. Sigh.
Memento Mori, Duane Barry, Colony and End Game, Gethsermane, Bad Blood, Jose Chung, Humbug, Post-Modern Prometheus

Writer's Block: The X-Files Birthday @ 12:17 pm

Today in 1993, The X-Files first premiered. What's your favorite episode? Have you ever experienced paranormal activity yourself?

August 16th, 2008

a simple day @ 09:02 pm

I'm feeling: rejuvenated rejuvenated

Today, I:

-called in sick because I felt shitty this morning.
-slept til noon.
-watched a Venture Bros. episode (again).
-read 400 pages (so far) of "Breaking Dawn," which, my god, reads like bad fanfiction. Sigh.
-got my 3 netflix dvds I'd been waiting for.
-was going to hang with Stephanie, but she is exhausted from training.
-talked to Adrian as he moved in to his dorm at AU. He's like a real grownup now, awww.
-feel loads better.

July 30th, 2008

chillaxin? @ 08:46 pm

I'm feeling: relaxed relaxed

What a nice, relaxing day. I woke up at 10 because of my alarm (and went to bed at 12 last night cause I was v. tired), then hung around and played on the internet until having some cereal for breakfast (Publix brand coco puffs! delish and cheap!) around 11 and did my homework for class at 1. Headed out at 5 to 1, was 10 minutes late, but whatevs, she didn't mind. We went over our last week stuff, took a personality test thing, then got out at 330, yay!

I got my first two videos from Netflix this afternoon - discs 1 and 2 of "X-Files" season 1. I watched the first 5 episodes tonight and LOVE it, but now I have Project Runway to watch. I'm trying not to finish all the XF I have immediately because it's so good, and I wanna be able to watch it for longer. Project Runway is on now - anyone else watch this show? It cracks me up so much. I got hooked on season 3 and watched it with my roomies at school, and we had such a great time making fun of everyone.

After this - more XF, maybe some dinner? Dunno! :)

EDIT: 10pm - post Project Runway

Not to spoil anything for anyone who watches it, but if you don't listen to Tim Gunn, you're gonna get in trouble. People need to learn this! And my favorite quote of the night:

Suede- "Suede loves Tia. He could never change. Suede is gonna keep Tia."

And Molly is amused that Suede always talks in the 3rd person. Oh Suede. So silly. X-Files time now!!

June 14th, 2008

status: @ 10:44 pm


Shift: 10 hours (2 of overtime woo woo)
Continuous sets without a break: 8
Children hugged: Innumerable
Shoulders: Burned from yesterday
Legs: Sore
Feet: Aching

But even after all that, I still went over to see Fantasmic after my shift, and seeing Sorcerer Mickey summon those fireworks just makes my life, and I left there smiling and happy. Love it.

[More updates about specific details of the day to follow in Friends Only post. If you're reading this journal but are not friends with me, that should change because I'm putting things I can't share with the general public in friendslocked posts!]

June 2nd, 2008

super quick! @ 10:55 pm

These are getting shorter and shorter!

Chelsea and I went to DHS (disney's hollywood studios) to meet Amy, who had training. We rode the brand new Toy Story Mania ride twice. It just opened officially a few days ago, so the wait times were 120mins+ for groups. We got through the single rider line twice in like, 5mins. Rocked. We saw the Block Party Bash parade, which tries to get people involved but it is SO HOT so everyone was exhausted. Amy went to pick up her costume and headed home, but Chelsea and I did Rock'n'Roller Coaster twice, the first time as a group (20min wait), second as single rider (10min wait). We headed home, then the roomies all went out for chinese food and we watched Mulan!

Woke up around 10, then Amy and I went to Grocery Bingo at 11am. Disney people hand out bingo boards and have different games for it, and we compete to win two big bags of groceries. We stayed out for 2hrs, I dunked my head in the pool once, because we were laying in pool ches lounges (sp...) on Chatham quad in the hot hot sun. We burned our legs real bad. Failsauce. Then we came home and went out to Target. I got a skirt, pair of shorts, a lanyard for my disney IDs, some aloe and some post-tan lotion. Amy got work shoes at Shoe Carnival. We came home, sat for a bit, then went to Epcot at 530ish. It was raining, but not bad out really after all the heat. We got into Mission Space orange in 5mins, test track in 5-10 (single rider), and Soarin in 30. Amy had never ridden it before, and it was a 45min wait on the sign but that's the lowest I've seen while I've been here so we did it anyway. Came home, made tuna helper, sat around, and Amy and I worked on getting her KotOR2 to work because we're awesome fangirls. I also watched the new Venture Bros and Battlestar today! SO GOOD omg.

Tomorrow, DAK in the morning, Epcot possibly in the afternoon! Some of my friends are going to be friends with characters there tomorrow so we're gonna go say hi! :) Training on WEDNESDAY!! So excited!!!!

June 1st, 2008

highlights @ 01:35 am

I do too much everyday to do long detailed posts, especially with how exhausted I am afterwards! So today:

-I went to Epcot! It was the last day of the Flower and Garden Festival. Took a ton of pictures. I got on the bus there at 11:15 and came back at 1930ish (I'm practicing my 24 hour time, it takes me so long to figure it out).
-Met many characters, and the lines weren't too bad for most of them, including Peter Pan and Wendy, Captain Hook and Smee, Jasmine and Aladdin, Alice, Mary Poppins, and Mulan and Mushu.
-Jasmine and Aladdin asked me how long I was in the parks for, I said seven months because I'm in the college program, they asked where I'd be working, I said as a character performer, and they totally broke character and whispered "oh awesome! we'll see you around then!" Per-fect.
-Mary Poppins taught me how to say supercalafragalisticexpialidocious (spelling...) backwards - we turned around and said it.
-I asked Mulan how General Shang was, cause I'm in love with him (but I didn't tell her that). She told me that he and Prince Charming have been repairing Cinderella's Castle because Mushu burned holes in it, and I told her that Shang is quite a catch and we laughed.
-While I was waiting in line for Mulan, there were three British children in line behind me. Girl ~8, and two boys around 6 and 4 maybe. I asked if they were excited to see the princess, they said yes and the girl said Belle was her actual favorite. I told her that Belle is my favorite too. The boys told me they like Mickey the best, and told me all about the rides they'd been on. They were way too precious.
-Met up with Carly and Dale and Laura walking around the park like, twice - they tipped me off to Peter and Wendy playing in the Neverland Garden.
-I got a sunburn on my left shoulder around where my purse strap goes. >.<
-Talked to many nice people on the bus, and managed to figure out how to best get to parks from Chatham. Take the A bus to the TTC, then the bus or monorail wherever! Hurrah!
-Rode Test Track single rider, 5min line, as was Mission Space Green.
-Stephanie came out to walk around Epcot with me, we did Spaceship Earth, Mission Space, Test Track, and got dinner in The Land.
-We were going to do Soarin, but by that time it was like 530 and I needed to hurry back, so I used my FastPass to ride it (got goosebumps, as always, it's so perfect) then got back on the A bus.
-Ate some poptarts for a snack, put on my pink polka dot dress, and got fancied up with roomies. Chrissy and Becka were pirates, Amy and I were princesses, and we headed to the TTC to get on the monorail to MK for the Pirate and Princess Party!
-There was an awesome parade and incredible fireworks.
-We met Captain Jack Sparrow, and also screamed for him when he was in the parade, and he bowed to us and grabbed my blown kisses out of the air. Too awesome!!
-We tried to meet some princesses, but there were a TON of families and little girls there so the lines were always 45mins ish.
-When the floats were coming toward us and the music was playing, I thought "I want to do this every year" and realized I have to stay with Disney foreverever.
-We met this awesome girl Stephanie when we got turkey legs, she was super fun and seems really nice. I gave her my phone number so we can hang out sometime. She's on spring adv so she's here til August.
-She wants to extend though, and do entertainment, so we discussed it. She knows a lot of people doing it now - several dancers etc, not all of them gay! I told her of my (worthy) goal of making out with a prince while I'm here, and she knows a hot Prince Philip who digs Mouse height girls, lol. Scoooresies.
-Met up with Carly Laura etc again on the way out. Carly is such a perfect Wendy, I can't even deal with it, I don't know what the casting people were thinking not making her a face character.
-My feet are killing me because I was walking through parks for ELEVEN HOURS today. Insanity.